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Welcome to Taxi Service Dryanovo – the only licensed company in the region. We offer regional transfers, as well as airport transfers.

For English calls: +359 877 566 446

For Bulgarian calls: +359 878 787 197

working hours and cars

Monday to Saturday – 06:30 – 19:00
Sunday – day off

We also work extra hours in case of special transfer, so if you need something more, give us a call!

We have three cars in service:

Scoda Fabia for daily work

Subaru Legacy for comfort and luxury transfers

An old Russian All Terrain Vehicle for extreme conditions 😉


Taxi Dryanovo is on the market since 2004 and during the years have remained the only licensed taxi company in the region. Due to harsh tax policies and strict regulations, taxi service in Bulgaria has become more and more hard to practice legally.

But, as loyal citizens we have decided that we will do our utmost to keep on working absolutely by the rule and offer not only great service, but do it in accordance with the law.

There are many fake companies that offer transfers or travel services in the region and the problem with them is not only that they do not pay taxes, as we do and contribute to the common good. The big problem is that you have absolutely no guarantee whether you will get your transfer or get your money back in case of trouble. In case of a road accident you haven no insurance and you cannot protect your customer rights in the court.

It sounds like a hard place to work legally but we do not complain. We have our two rules that help us stand out during all those years:

1.  We offer high quality service – we know the roads perfectly, we never lie to customers, we help them any way possible, we are always strict on time and we speak both Bulgarian and English, so we can actually understand your needs.

2. We improve each year – we keep our cars in perfect condition and as of two years now we also offer luxury transfers from airports. We have both a 4×4 all terrain vehicle for big snows and bad roads and a more luxury 4×4 for winter transfers and comfort travel.


It’s easy to find us:

If you are and English speaker, give us a call at: +359 877 566 446

Ако говорите български, обадете се на: +359 878 787 197